Mechanical and Assembly Technician

Post DateFebruary 1, 2023
Job IDMechanical and Assembly Technician
LocationConroe, TX

Responsibilities Overview

  • The Mechanical and Assembly Technician will assemble, disassemble, troubleshoot, repair, refurbish and test centrifuges and related equipment
  • This position will also follow Kayden Policies and report to the appropriate supervisor any incidents, accidents, near misses or spills that occur on location and will complete any required safety forms or reports
  • This position will practice and promote Kayden’s core values, integrity, safety, teamwork, innovation and excellence

Job Description (to include but not limited to the following):

  • Assess incoming equipment to identify the need for repairs and refurbishing
  • Understand how to repair, service, assemble and disassemble centrifuges and related equipment, as directed by the supervisor
  • Perform pre and post job equipment inspections
  • Track all inbound and outbound materials through tracking system
  • Perform preventative maintenance procedures, including ensuring that equipment and tools used in manufacturing are in good working order
  • Have oversight for quality control for verifying the measurements of parts before equipment reassembly
  • Ensure deadlines are met with upcoming projects
  • Assist with building loads for delivery
  • Assist with loading and unloading supplies
  • Operates forklift
  • Manage the creation, assembly, maintenance and repair of equipment that requires welding or cutting
  • Assess incoming equipment to identify the need for repairs, resurfacing and refurbishing
  • Responsible for ensuring the warehouse is clean and well organized
  • Enforces all safety requirements by maintaining a safe work environment
  • Insuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and contracts
  • Establish and maintain a positive, oriented work environment
  • Remain aware of each team member’s workload and will provide direction to balance the workload and reach deadlines
  • Anticipate issues and roadblocks in builds and servicing and will strive to overcome problems with a view to preventing future issues from arising
  • Ensure all daily reports, checklists, inspections, hazard observations, job safety analysis (JSA), first aid records and spill reports are properly completed and submitted.
  • Multi-task and work on more than one project at a time
  • Use cranes and lifts as required, while maintaining and awareness safety
  • Manage movement of inventory when using parts for repairing or refurbishing

Safety Requirements

  • Take responsibility for the maintenance of a safe workplace and must ensure that all staff participate in safety training and practices
  • Ensure that every worker has appropriate safety training before entering the workshop and before commencing work
  • Foster a culture of safety awareness
  • Ensure that correct PPE is in use when people are in the workshop
  • Ensure that proper welding PPE is in use when people are in the workshop including:
    • welding goggles
    • welding gloves
    • eye protection
    • ear protection
    • steel toed boots
    • flame-retardant coveralls
    • a hard hat if working near an overhead load or other overhead hazard
  • Be thoroughly familiar with and implement Kayden’s Safety Policies
  • Comply with Kayden’s safety policies and procedures as well as all applicable government legislation
  • Complete the appropriate safety forms or reports if any incidents, accidents, near misses or spills occur
  • Report accidents and near misses to the Safety Manager and General Manager as well as submitting a First Aid record to the Safety Manager
  • Ensure that accidents and near misses and other safety incidents are immediately reported by staff who observe them
  • Ensure that team members understand what is required for safety compliance
  • Immediately intervene and provide corrective measures If a team member does not follow safety protocol
  • Document and report accidents and near misses to the Supervisor and Safety Manager any safety discussions that take place and complete the necessary paperwork to record the incident.
  • Participate in incident investigations, as needed

General Duties and Expectations

  • Advanced understanding of and experience with Solids Control and closed-loop systems
  • Advanced level knowledge of oilfield practices and procedures
  • Skills and experience in welding, brazing and cutting
  • Experience with Gas Tungsten arc (TIG) welding, Gas metal arc (MIG) welding, oxy-acetylene (OAW) welding and cutting
  • The ability to work in and supervise a multi-disciplined team
  • A valid driver’s license and good driving record
  • The ability to communicate effectively with customers and other site personnel

Physical Requirements

  • Working outdoors with variable weather conditions, including wet and extreme cold
  • Requires strenuous activities including walking, bending, climbing and being able to lift a minimum of 75 lbs
  • Must be mentally alert at all times
  • Must be fit for duty at all times
  • Able to work long shifts which may be up to 12 hours’ long
  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time
  • Ability to lift 100 lbs

Education Requirements

  • Ideally, the candidate has or is working towards journeyman certification as a Welder
  • A Forklift Operators certificate

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