HDD/Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology HDD, Direct Pipe, Micro-tunneling, and tunneling applications are becoming more prevalent than ever. The fluid systems in such applications are extremely important to clean the bore and provide stability. As the solids concentrations of the fluid climb, the effectiveness of the fluid is diminished as the chemical and physical properties change. By managing the density and solids concentration of the fluid, you can manage the fluid properties more effectively.

Kayden Environmental Services specializes in solids control equipment in all trenchless applications. In doing so, we have been involved in many trenchless projects. Being solids control experts, Kayden supplies not only centrifuges but also the required surface equipment to ensure your job is a success. Kayden has numerous sizes of centrifuges, shaker systems, polymer mixing tanks, and supplemental equipment.

  • Wide range of Centrifuge capacities (Predator (1.5m3/min), Mammoth (2m3/min), Titan (5m3/min))
  • Proven in all drilling environments
  • Full-service chemical provider (polymer flocculants, drilling fluid additives)
  • Full-service rental company (Centrifuges, Shakers, Surface Rental Equipment)
  • Custom solutions, personalized approach


  • Reduce disposal volumes
  • Increase drilling fluid’s efficiency & lifespan
  • Reduce chemical consumption
  • Maintain a clean and stable wellbore
  • Reduce or eliminate the occurrence of mud rings and stuck pipe
  • Reduce trucking volumes by separating solids and reusing fluid
  • Able to handle the largest of flowrates especially while reaming
  • Minimal power consumption, able to run off typical HDD rig power plants eliminating the need for expensive generators
  • Easy mobilization, allows us to maintain and recondition fluid not only on a single rig but act as a central strip site for multi-rig projects
  • Professional, fully trained, expert solids control technicians

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