Kayden Environmental Services has developed the K-LAB to better serve its clients through solids control evaluation, performance testing, as well as optimization services. With a dedicated staff throughout North America, the KLAB can assist in meeting the requirements of each client from the planning to post completion project stages. The ultimate goal of the K-LAB is to deliver specific solutions to each customer by understanding their unique challenges and needs, and then delivering a customized solution.


  • Superior quality control methodology based on international ISO-13320-1 standards.
  • Efficient analysis times compared to commercial laboratories.
  • Accurate and precise results based on a 3R philosophy: Responsibility, Reproducibility and Robustness.
  • Custom reporting available to meet each individual client’s needs.
  • Powerful software for appropriate modelling for the size range being measured.
  • Use of a specific low volume dispersion unit for oil based samples, reducing the need for a solvent extraction pre-treatment sample.

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