Oilfield Solids Control


Whether drilling an oil & gas well or working within a processing facility, Kayden Environmental Services has the custom solution to meet the needs of today’s energy industry.

In the oilfield drilling industry, drilled solids within the drilling fluid must be removed to allow re-use of the drilling fluid. Efficient removal of these drilled solids results in considerable cost savings to energy companies through proper solids control, reducing the treatment cost of drilling fluid, as well as protecting against catastrophic downhole tool damage and failures.

A Kayden Environmental Services centrifuge is designed to remove the drilled solids from the drilling fluid, which allow for:

  • Increased penetration rates
  • Minimal drilled solids concentration
  • Substantial cost savings through reduced drilling fluid maintenance, disposal costs and downhole tool protection.
  • Separation of environmental and oilfield drilling fluids allowing for less environmental impact.


Kayden has the experience that is required to design custom-tailored sites for various applications.

We understand that each application is unique and has different variables. By performing an in-depth pre-job analysis we are able to identify target process rates, fluid parameters into and out of the site, surface equipment size restraints and deliver our clients with custom packages to suit their specific needs.

  • Various shaker configurations
  • Full range of process volumes from 50m³/day – 1500m³/day
  • High volume centrifuge options to reduce footprint and processing times (Titan 3100 – 4.5m³/hr)
  • Full service chemical line, all technicians are trained to test polymer concentrations and effectiveness to maximize efficiency

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