Barite Recovery

Kayden Environmental Services is the leading innovator in Barite Recovery and has proven performance throughout all major North American oilfield basins. With a continual optimization approach, Kayden has been able to outperform the competition and show true cost savings to operators across the industry.


  • Kayden’s barite and polishing centrifuges have adjustable pool plates, which combined with the VFD panel allowing the technician to make multiple adjustments to optimize the amount of barite recovered.
  • Kayden’s barite recovery setup utilizes a wash down pump which allows the barite to blend with drilling fluid before being reintroduced to the mud tanks; along with dumping the fluid over the rig agitators, prevents the recovered barite from settling out in the mud tanks after being discharged from the centrifuge.
  • Kayden is able to process the effluent from the barite machine multiple times before reintroducing the fluid into the rigs active system. Ensuring the fluid is as clean as possible.
  • Kayden technicians continually check mud weights in the active system as well as the overflow and underflow of the centrifuges and make necessary adjustments based on the results.
  • Kayden’s barite recovery process can be operated and optimized, 24/7 which allows for continued operation during drilling.

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