Vertical Dryers

Use of a Kayden Environmental Services’ vertical dryer can recover up to 95% of drilling fluids. A substantial decrease in attraction between liquid and oil results in a retort of vertical dryer cuttings that can range between 6% and 1% oil by weight.

Kayden Environmental Services is committed to reducing drilled solids waste and decreasing any related disposal costs. Correct usage of a vertical dryer can ensure client compliance with local environmental regulations and aid in the recovery of base fluid.

Kayden Environmental Services sets the industry standard for sample testing for reducing fluids discards on drill cuttings. Decreasing waste, disposal, and recovering fluid allows our clients to minimize operating costs. Kayden’s vertical dryers have durable and functional maintenance characteristics for reduced downtime. All standard parts are easily accessed from the top of the unit. Belts can be changed quickly without removal of the drive assembly, and the drive assembly itself can be removed easily.

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