Quick and Efficient Solidification and Spill Management

Kayden Environmental Services currently offers a superior green alternative to standard drying agents such as saw dust, fly ash, wood chips and many more drying agents. K-Dry Green is a locally sourced drying agent made from miscanthus grass. It is a 100% natural granular absorbent that offers an effective and efficient solution to solidification and spill management.


  • Absorbs up to 6 times its own weight in water
  • Absorbs up to 5 times its own weight in oil
  • 10x more absorbent than fly ash
  • 8x more absorbent than clay
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Reduced storage, handling, and operational costs
  • Sold in super sacs for ease of handling
  • Super sacs prevent spoilage from the elements
  • Super sacs reduce inefficient mixing practices associated with mixing bulk product

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